OpenFOAM: latest release version

The latest version of OpenFOAM (version 4.1) is available in the formats described below. If you wish to try OpenFOAM without having to compile the software, we recommend installing it on a dedicated desktop PC or laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (the first option below).

Ubuntu Linux

The simplest installation of OpenFOAM is for Ubuntu GNU/Linux using Debian packages and apt-get

Other Linux OS

Source packs for compilation of OpenFOAM on GNU/Linux distributions; some system administration needed


Installation options for Windows including running with Bash on Windows 10, a Virtual Machine and BlueCFD-Core

OpenFOAM: development line and other versions

Other versions of OpenFOAM are available, including the current development sources, known as OpenFOAM-dev, that includes the latest contributions from CFD Direct and others.

Development Line

Get all the latest major developments in OpenFOAM-dev from the package for Ubuntu or by compiling from sources

Download Archive

Older versions of OpenFOAM can be found in the download archive, with release notes available in the release history

CFD Direct From the Cloud

Alternatively avoid downloading and installing OpenFOAM by running CFD Direct From the Cloud