Beijing OpenFOAM TrainingCFD Direct are pleased to announce a 4 day OpenFOAM Training Course in Beijing, China, 22-25 August 2016

  • The course combines the course modules from both the Essential CFD and Applied CFD courses.
  • The instructor will be Chris Greenshields, co-founder of OpenFOAM, Director of CFD Direct & The OpenFOAM Foundation.
  • The training will be in English, with assistance in Chinese translation from Dongyue Li, Beijing University of Chemical Technology.
  • The training involves a demonstration of tasks from a range of scientific disciplines and industries.
  • To book seats on this 4 day course, go to OpenFOAM Training Beijing, China.

OpenFOAM Training from the Developers

The OpenFOAM Training will be conducted using version 4.0 of OpenFOAM, that was primarily developed by Henry Weller (OpenFOAM’s creator) at CFD Direct.  The following features were included in v4.0 to make OpenFOAM easier to use, so that course participants have more time to build and practice their CFD skills.

Developing CFD Experience and Competence

The training involves learning through experience. We demonstrate representative in OpenFOAM v4.0, spanning a range of scientific disciplines and industries. We teach design of CFD solutions, starting with a prototype case that is then enhanced in small, digestible steps with periods of reflection to reinforce new concepts.  We build competence in CFD with OpenFOAM, giving participants the confidence to carry out CFD analysis, repeatedly, to a defined standard.

  • Confidence = not freezing at the keyboard.
  • Repeatedly = delivering a good solution, and another…
  • Defined standard = understand what a good solution is and delivering solutions in a timely manner.
OpenFOAM Training, Beijing