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Easthome (Cliftons)-Beijing, China
2~3 floor East door, Building 6, Zhongkekyi Plaza, Beiertiao Alley No13, Zhongguancun


Nearby Accommodation   附近住宿
Public Transport  公共交通
  • 地铁 :乘坐4号线至“北京大学东门”自C口出向东直行至中科科仪大厦
  • 公交:乘坐307路、331路、355路、375路、429路、508路、549路、562路、594路、特19路、运通110线、运通126线等公共汽车至“蓝旗营站”下车向西走150.

This OpenFOAM Training combines the Essential CFD and Applied CFD course modules.  The training will be delivered in English by Chris Greenshields, with assistance in Chinese translation from Dongyue Li, Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The training will consist of demonstrations of meshing, case setup and post-processing with OpenFOAM v4.0 on several CFD problems covering a range of scientific disciplines and industries, and lectures on numerics and modelling. The course is hosted at a dedicated training classroom, with a maximum capacity of 20 attendees. Please read our OpenFOAM Training Terms and Conditions (China).

本次OpenFOAM培训捆绑“基本CFD课程”和“应用CFD课程”进行销售。本次培训由Chris Greenshields主讲(英语),由北京化工大学的李东岳提供汉语翻译。 本次培训将演示如何使用OpenFOAM-4.0对工业上和学术上的CFD问题进行网格生成、算例设置以及后处理,并讲授一些数值算法和相关模型的内容。本次培训最大容纳20人。请参考我们的OpenFOAM培训条款获取更详细的信息

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