Running CFDDFC with the Azure Console

  1. Launch a Virtual Machine
  2. Connect to a Virtual Machine
  3. Using OpenFOAM on a Virtual Machine
  4. Data Transfer to a Virtual Machine
  5. Connect with the Remote Desktop
Azure Setup | Launch in the Console ]

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Install X2Go Client on Your Local Computer (one-time only)

Install the X2Go Client which provides remote desktop to access CFD Direct from the Cloud. X2Go is available for Linux, Mac OS X MS Windows. X2Go Installation Instructions is the reference page for installation. More specifically, the installation instructions for different platforms are:

Start the X2Go Client Application

  • Launch the X2Go client software, e.g. from an application launcher or, for Linux, entering the following in a terminal
    x2goclient &

Configuring a New Session

  • From the Session menu, select New Session
  • In the Session panel, set the:
    • Session Name: your choice, e.g. OpenFOAM
    • Host IP address: the public IP address of the instance in the form XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    • Login user name: your chosen user name, e.g. user
    • RSA/DSA key for SSH: add the SSH key file only if SSH authentication was selected during launch (rather than password authentication)
    • Session Type: MATE

  • (Optional) In the Input/Output panel, customise the screen size suitable for your current monitor, e.g. Width 1920, Height 1200 for a large desktop monitor, Width 1280, Height 720 for a laptop.
  • Click OK to save the session settings.

Running the Session

  • Wait until the instance has fully launched in the Azure console before attempting to connect; it is sensible to wait until the Status Checks are complete.
  • From the Client window, click on the OpenFOAM session panel as shown below:

X2Go OpenFOAM Session Launcher

  • A window may appear confirming you wish to continue to connect to an unauthorized host.  Select Yes to continue.
  • If password authentication was selected during launch, the user must enter the password in the login panel.
  • The host desktop will appear as shown below.  Open a terminal from the menu ApplicationsSystem ToolsMATE Terminal and start using OpenFOAM through the remote desktop.