Do you have experience in CFD with OpenFOAM and wish to pursue it further as a career?  Don’t like the bureaucracy of industrial R&D and academia?  Interested in working directly with OpenFOAM users to build sustainable CFD capability at leading engineering companies?

CFD Direct is a small company, created by the co-founders of OpenFOAM, based in Reading UK. We provide a flexible working environment in which innovation thrives. Unlike software businesses built on maximising licence revenue, we are a team that:

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    Please modify the following code (inside the main function) with the functionality and style of OpenFOAM.

    #include "IOstreams.H"
    using namespace Foam;
    int main()
      List<scalar> a(3);
      a[0] = 5; a[1] = 4; a[2] = 3;
      List<scalar> b(3);
      b[0] = 3; b[1] = 3; b[2] = 5;
      scalar result = 0;
      for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
          result = result + a[i]*b[i];
      Info<< result << endl;
      return 0;