Reservations, bookings and attendance of our courses are subject to the following OpenFOAM Training Terms and Conditions.


  • Prices are quoted in the currency designated to the corresponding course (based on the region to which it relates).
  • Prices quoted are per person and include: printed course materials and shipping; access to remote desktop and certificate.
  • Prices are exclusive of taxes (e.g. VAT, where applicable).
  • Discounted prices are available when booking multiple courses at the same time, see the Schedule for details.
  • Discounts apply only if the same person attends the training courses.
  • Participants will be charged at the price advertised on our schedule at the time of the original booking.
  • Advertised prices may change from time to time, without prior notice.


  • All courses are delivered in the English language.

Reserving a Place

  • To reserve a place on a training course, go to the OpenFOAM Training Schedule page. 
  • Once you have submitted your form you will be sent an automated email confirming your reservation has been sent. 
  • This email does not confirm that you are registered to attend the training. 
  • The details you send will include whether the course fee will be paid personally or by a company or organisation. 
  • We need this information because it can affect whether taxes are applied.

Registration Confirmation

  • You will be sent an email confirming registration once payment has been received or unless otherwise agreed. 
  • If you have not received an email confirmation, but you think there has been an error, let us know. 
  • Otherwise without confirmation, you will be refused to entry to the training.

Cancellation, Reschedule and No-show Policy

  • If wish to cancel or reschedule, we must receive your request no later than twenty (20) working days before the class begins.
  • If a cancellation or reschedule request is received between fifteen (15) and twenty (20) working days before the class begins, a penalty of 50% of the course fee will be applied. 
  • If a cancellation or reschedule request is received less than fifteen (15) working days before the class begins, a penalty of 100% of the course fee will be applied. 
  • Course no-shows are penalised at 100% course fee. 
  • A limit to two (2) reschedules is permitted, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Participant substitutions may be permitted, however we ask that you please contact our team as early as possible to process the changes.
  • Courses may be cancelled. 
  • If a class is cancelled, the student will be notified and the tuition will be reapplied or credited.

AWS Promotions

  • From time to time, participants on the Cloud CFD course are entitled to a discount code from Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • A discount code provides credit, typically $50, for use of AWS for a limited time only. 
  • Codes are issued to the participant by email, following completion of the course, and are non-transferable.

Group Discounts

  • Discounts are available for groups of people from one organisation attending the same training courses. 
  • Please contact us for further details.

Payment Terms

  • Payment for training must be received by the invoice due date, or no later than four (4) weeks prior to the training commencing, unless otherwise agreed.
  • A registration confirmation will not be issued without prior payment.
  • We offer different payment options which you need to select when you reserve your place to help us with our billing. 
  • If you later need to change the method for payment, please contact our team to update your reservation details.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Bank transfer to our UK bank account
  • Debit/Credit Card within UK (Visa Debit, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and JCB)
  • Debit/Credit Card outside UK + transaction fee of 1.75%
  • Cheque: companies only

Note: Transaction fees offset some costs charged by credit card companies, including fees for currency exchange.

Payment by credit card

  • Once your booking has been processed, you will be sent a secure payment link to complete your payment online. 
  • Payments are processed by our merchant bank. 
  • We do not store any card information. 
  • Once your payment has been submitted you will be sent an automated email confirming the payment has been successful.

Declined card payments

  • Some card companies may require further information to approve the payment online. 
  • If your payment has been declined, we recommend contacting your card issuer. 
  • If you experience any technical or other issues with processing your card payment online, please contact our team.