Principles of CFD

Principles of CFD

The principles of modern CFD with OpenFOAM, providing critical theoretical and practical knowledge of fluid dynamics, modelling, numerical methods and algorithms.

Essential CFD | OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

Essential CFD

The essential introduction to modern CFD, accessing OpenFOAM’s full potential. A new, accelerated learning experience, enabling you to carry out successful CFD with confidence.

Applied CFD | OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

Applied CFD

The application of CFD to complex cases, unlocking OpenFOAM’s extensive functionality. Training the processes to build simulations in small steps, to deliver reliable solutions.

Programming CFD | OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

Programming CFD

OpenFOAM programming that utilizes the unlimited flexibility of open source software. Developing maintainable CFD tools using OpenFOAM coding standards with C++.

OpenFOAM Live Virtual Training

Training is delivered live online by a recognised OpenFOAM expert, replicating the classroom experience without the added cost of travel.

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