Essential, Applied & Programming CFD Courses with OpenFOAM.

Effective CFD Training from the founders of OpenFOAM and leading OpenFOAM training team

Essential CFD | OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

Essential CFD

The essential introduction to modern CFD, accessing OpenFOAM’s full potential. A new, accelerated learning experience, enabling you to carry out successful CFD with confidence.

Applied CFD | OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

Applied CFD

The application of CFD to complex cases, unlocking OpenFOAM’s extensive functionality. Training the processes to build simulations in small steps, to deliver reliable solutions.

Programming CFD | OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

Programming CFD

OpenFOAM programming that utilizes the unlimited flexibility of open source software. Developing maintainable CFD tools using OpenFOAM coding standards with C++.

OpenFOAM Training On-Site | CFD Direct

OpenFOAM Training On-Site

CFD Training, delivered on-site, that unlocks the potential of OpenFOAM. A customized learning experience to build long term, in-house CFD capability and processes.

Virtual Training | OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

OpenFOAM Classroom Training

CFD Training at dedicated facilities, led by a recognised OpenFOAM expert. Hands-on experience, with peer interaction, to accelerate learning and increase confidence.

Virtual Training | OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

OpenFOAM Live Virtual Training

CFD Training online, led by an instructor with recognised OpenFOAM expertise. Delivering most of the benefits of classroom training, without the added cost of travel.

CFD Direct

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