Accessible CFD with OpenFOAM

CFD Direct manages, develops and maintains OpenFOAM as free, open source software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), on behalf of the OpenFOAM Foundation.  This provides leading CFD software to all, including those who cannot otherwise afford annual licence fees running into multiples of $/€/£ 10,000.  Open access to the software encourages understanding, progress and collaboration.  Thousands of people worldwide use OpenFOAM within academia and industry for: research (including for masters and doctoral qualifications); product/process design, development and commissioning; and forecasting, compliance and risk management.

Building CFD Competency

CFD is inherently complex because it combines several components, each of which are challenging in their own right: fluid dynamics and physical modelling; geometry and meshing; numerical methods; data analysis; and, computing and programming.  It is therefore difficult to achieve competency in CFD, i.e. having the confidence to carry out CFD analysis, repeatedly, to a defined standard in a timely manner.  Too often, managers and academic supervisors fail to appreciate the complexity of CFD, expecting the required competency can be attained simply by “learning the software package”.

We meet the challenge of building competency by teaching how to create effective CFD solutions through a process of design:

  1. Prototype – building a representative solution, from a template, rapidly (timely manner).
  2. Production – refining the solution by an iterative design process, making small changes and testing frequently (confidence).
  3. Packaging – making the solution reliable, cost effective and easy to use again and again (repeatedly, defined standard).

CFD Courses from OpenFOAM Experts

We provide 3 courses, each typically 15 hours (across 2-3 days) that include ~60 modules providing broad, balanced coverage across all components of CFD:

  • Essential CFD: accelerated introduction, providing the essential skills needed to create CFD simulations using OpenFOAM.
  • Applied CFD: further tools and processes to extend CFD simulations to a range of more complex applications.
  • Programming CFD: programming techniques to develop maintainable customised tools with C++ in OpenFOAM.

The team at CFD Direct has unrivalled expertise in OpenFOAM and CFD Training with OpenFOAM.

Cost Effective, Worldwide Training

Without the required competencies, CFD analyses are often late, are not reproducible or are incorrect.  The associated costs — from delays in product releases and process improvements to failure to submit a journal publication or thesis — are self-evident.  Our training courses are priced at the market rate for computer-based training.  The cost of a single course could be equivalent to 1-2 weeks of payroll cost of a CFD engineer, 2% of a single core, commercial CFD licence or 1% of a 3 year research project grant.

Our Schedule of OpenFOAM Training during Covid-19 travel restrictions includes scheduled live virtual training courses at times to fit with Europe and Americas time zones. We can also deliver on-site OpenFOAM training courses for groups of 5 or more as live virtual training.

See the OpenFOAM Training Schedule and Book

… for the Essential CFD, Applied CFD, Programming CFD and Cloud CFD courses.


Learn Effective CFD
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