CFD Direct undertakes OpenFOAM development projects for large engineering corporations, consultants and academic institutions.  We undertake projects of any size.  Large OpenFOAM developments are quoted individually with a full project specification.  Smaller developments and customisations are typically undertaken on demand, as part of a support contract that can include CFD software assistance.

Large OpenFOAM development projects

The team at CFD Direct has an unrivalled track record in managing and executing large development projects in OpenFOAM.  It includes the creator and architect of OpenFOAM, Henry Weller; co-founder of the OpenFOAM, Chris Greenshields; and, Jenya Collings who has managed over 100 development projects.

With our wide expertise and the flexibility of OpenFOAM, our team can extend the limits of current technology to simulate problems that are, as yet, unsolved.  We can write entire new libraries of tools and models and create major new applications.  We can also migrate the functionality of existing software to the OpenFOAM environment.  We can review technical literature for new models and create novel models and methods.

As Directors of the OpenFOAM Foundation, we manage OpenFOAM development , and our work conforms to the Foundation’s quality standards.  By conforming to those standards, our developments are integrated into official public releases.  Code in official releases is maintained by the Foundation in future versions of OpenFOAM.   Our customers have some assurance that their developments are maintained in future releases of OpenFOAM.

OpenFOAM Development Git Hub

For each project, we work with our customers to produce a clear statement of work that includes a detailed technical specification, project timings and a clear set of deliverables.  We monitor and report progress regularly to our customers and address unforeseen technical challenges quickly with them.   This process of review with our customers ensures that projects are delivered in a timely manner and meets their requirements.

Smaller OpenFOAM development projects

Smaller development projects can be undertaken within the scope of code customisation in our standard support package.  It provides greater flexibility since it requires no project specification, and allows developments to be selected according to the immediate needs of our customers’ projects.

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… including large development projects and code customization.

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