CFD Training, delivered on-site, that unlocks the potential of OpenFOAM.  A customized learning experience to build long-term, in-house CFD capability and processes.

100% open source: one-time investment in staff skills without recurring licence fees. From the Architects of OpenFOAM.

On-Site Training Course Options

Essential CFD Modules

  • Fluid Dynamics/Physical Modelling: initial and boundary conditions, introduction to physical modelling and turbulence
  • Geometry and Meshing: geometry generation, introduction to meshing, snappyHexMesh introduction, enhancements and refinement
  • Numerical Solution: numerical solution overview, discretization overview, advection and diffusion
  • Data Analysis: visualization introduction, data formats, plotting graphs, objective measures

Applied CFD Modules

  • Fluid Dynamics/Physical Modelling: transport phenomena, multiphase flows, rotating geometry, dynamic meshes, compressible/thermal flows, thermophysical modelling, porous media
  • Geometry and Meshing: meshing tools, snappyHexMesh feature capturing and baffle meshing, multi-region meshing
  • Numerical Solution: transient simulation, under-relaxation, pressure-velocity coupling and algorithms, boundedness
  • Data Analysis: automating visualization and animations

Programming CFD Modules

  • Introduction and Utility Programming: getting started with C++, core classes, tools and practice, data construction, access, processing, input and operations
  • Model Development and Boundary Conditions: object orientation, interfaces, class hierarchy, generic programming, class functions/data, design and implementation
  • Solver Development: fields, equations, algorithms, derivatives
  • Post-Processing: function objects, writing data

Cloud CFD Modules

  • Cloud Instances: administration, running instances
  • CFD in the Cloud: running CFD, cost management, extra tips
  • Efficient Use of the Cloud: effective CFD, data management, data storage

Personalized Courses

  • Bespoke manuals: assembled from the Essential, Applied and Programming CFD modules
  • Relevant topics: to ensure no key competencies are missed within the course
  • New modules: may be created by CFD Direct on request, depending on time and cost

Customized Examples

  • Extra example(s): may be agreed with CFD Direct to target a particular interest of the customer
  • Additional notes: may be supplied with customized examples to guide participants after the course
  • Recent developments: examples using new developments of specific interest to the customer may be added to the training

Workshop Session

  • Extra session: to go through problems of specific interest to participants
  • ½-1 day duration: (typically) with some or all participants, as requested by customer
  • Topics of interest: can be supplied in advance to assist the instructor

Why Choose OpenFOAM Training On-Site?

Target Audience

  • Companies wishing to build CFD competency with OpenFOAM
  • Companies wishing to migrate from proprietary, or legacy in-house, CFD software
  • A training manager wishing to provide staff training in CFD

Prerequisites and Pricing

  • At least 5 participants available to attend the training
  • Pricing at a fully inclusive, flat-rate, rather than “per person”
  • Reduces travel/accommodation expenses of the participants

Thank you for the quality of the course

I would like to thank you for the quality of last week’s course: contents & expertise & communication & management. Really very good! For me it has been a great pleasure to participate.
A.C., Watts Industries, Italia

Making attendees aware of what they are doing

Finally a software training whose focus is not to teach where to click or how to obtain some result regardless of quality, but aims to make the attendees aware of what they are doing.

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