Running OpenFOAM CFD in the Cloud with AWS using CFD Direct From the Cloud. Training the tools and processes for inexpensive, secure and efficient cloud use.

100% new course from the leaders of the OpenFOAM project and creator of OpenFOAM. 100% open source.

Cloud CFD | OpenFOAM Training | Course Modules (1 day)

Cloud Instances

  • Administration: CFD and the cloud, introduction to AWS, AWS account, access to AWS, identity and access management (IAM), CFD Direct From the Cloud™
  • Running instances: Console sign in, AWS regions, security with key pairs, storing private keys, AWS machine images, EC2 instance types, security groups, launching an instance

CFD in the Cloud

  • Running CFD: SSH login, running an OpenFOAM case, remote desktop, running ParaView, copying data to local machine, synchronising data between hosts
  • Cost Management: 4 main costs of cloud CFD, EC2 instance state, EC2 pricing, spot instance requests, budgets
  • Extra Tips: SSH traffic and firewalls, elastic IP addresses, restricting access to regions, upgrades and OpenFOAM-dev

Efficient Use of the Cloud

  • Effective CFD: Command line interface (CLI), configuring the CLI, making cloud local, managing instances, running applications, production CFD, hardware configuration, parallel performance
  • Data Management: Objective CFD data, plugin post-processing, quick visualisation, transferring data, data transfer costs
  • Data Storage: S3 storage, S3 buckets, IAM policy to access a bucket from EC2, enabling S3 access from an instance, automating S3 access, secure pre-signed URLs


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Who Should Attend

Target Audience

  • CFD users exploring cloud deployment
  • … to reduce administration overheads
  • … to access compute power on demand
  • System administrators providing OpenFOAM in the cloud


  • Basic experience of OpenFOAM
  • Familiarity with Linux is an advantage
  • Working through the OpenFOAM Linux Guide is strongly encouraged

Excellent Introduction to Cloud CFD


The Cloud CFD course enables CFD users to harness a large number of cores from AWS cloud, eliminating the need for expensive hardware.

A.C., NTU Singapore

Further Details

Competence in Cloud CFD

  • This course draws on 2000 hours OpenFOAM training experience, by…
  • Chris Greenshields: OpenFOAM project manager and leading trainer, delivering 400+ days of training.
  • Henry Weller: OpenFOAM creator and architect.
  • It teaches effective CFD in the cloud, based on: prototype simulations, built on a local machine; production simulations, with larger meshes run on the cloud; packaged simulations that are reliable, cost effective and easy to use again and again.

Accelerated Learning

Learning Cloud CFD through Experience

  • The training involves learning through experience.
  • We use representative cases to demonstrate running on the cloud.
  • Cloud CFD use is built in small, digestible steps with periods of reflection to reinforce new concepts.
  • We explain both use of AWS console and command line interface to build confidence in use of tools.