Azure Setup and Configuration

  1. Setup and Configuration
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Microsoft Account

Microsoft provides a range of products and services from Windows, Office, apps, cloud and gaming. Access to their services is provided through login credentials (username and password) associated with a Microsoft Account. Azure is no exception — a Microsoft Account is required to sign up to Azure and subsequently access the service. You therefore need to choose or create a Microsoft Account for Azure:

Sign up to Microsoft Azure

Go to Get Started with Microsoft Azure to sign up to Azure.  New users can simply create a free account as described below.  Note that account registration requires a credit card whether the free trial is used or not.

  • Select Create your Azure Account, then click Start for Free.
  • At the Microsoft Azure login window, login with your chosen account (see above).
  • At the Free Trial Sign Up, enter your region, name, email address and telephone number.
  • Enter a phone number to receive a verification code by SMS (text); enter the code.
  • Enter credit card details for identification.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions to activate the Free Trial Subscription.

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