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CFD Direct is the manager and primary developer of OpenFOAM, on behalf of the OpenFOAM Foundation, the copyright holder and licensor of OpenFOAM. It's Directors include: Henry Weller, the creator of OpenFOAM; and Chris Greenshields, OpenFOAM co-founder — both also Directors of the OpenFOAM Foundation. CFD Direct provides services for OpenFOAM, including the following

CFD Direct Development

Henry Weller

OpenFOAM Training | CFD Direct

Chris Greenshields

CFD Direct Operations

Jenya Collings

  • Operations Manager, CFD Direct.
  • Operations support, OpenFOAM Foundation.
  • Operations manager, OpenFOAM development.
  • Managed 450+ OpenFOAM Training Courses.
  • Manager, HPC Training.
  • Accounting Technician.
Will Bainbridge

Will Bainbridge

Aidan Wimshurst

Aidan Wimshurst

  • CFD Technologist.
  • YouTube Channel ‘Fluid Mechanics 101’.
  • 10 years of CFD experience.
  • OpenFOAM contributions coming soon …
  • Mechanical Engineer.

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Our Mission

CFD Direct was founded by the OpenFOAM experts, who share a belief in free, open source software and have a mission to make CFD accessible and inclusive. Through our management and development of OpenFOAM, we are producing software that:

  • allows access to the implementation of scientific knowledge;
  • allows access for those who could not otherwise afford it;
  • encourages collaboration and advancement;
  • covers as many CFD applications as possible.

CFD Direct enables delivery of successful, timely CFD analysis by providing services to users of OpenFOAM, including training, code development and support. We are interested in working with others who wish to join our mission and contribute to OpenFOAM.