Will Bainbridge began working with OpenFOAM in 2010.  He worked as a core developer of OpenFOAM from 2013-2015 and rejoined his former colleagues at CFD Direct to develop OpenFOAM in 2017.


  • CFD Direct Ltd, OpenFOAM Developer, March 2017 – Present.
  • LUSAS, Software Engineer, September 2015-February 2017.
  • OpenCFD Ltd, Software Engineer, June 2013 – August 2015.

OpenFOAM Development

  • Multi-Phase Particle-In-Cell (MPPIC) Lagrangian method.
  • Heat and mass transfer in Euler-Euler multiphase flows.
  • Barycentric particle-tracking.
  • Water waves.
  • Mesh motion and smoothing algorithms to preserve mesh quality.