CFD Training online, led by an instructor with recognised OpenFOAM expertise.  Delivering most of the benefits of classroom training, without the added cost of travel.

100% open source: one-time investment in staff skills without recurring licence fees. From the Architects of OpenFOAM.

Live Virtual Training Course

Programming CFD

  • Introduction to Programming: getting started with C++, OpenFOAM core classes, tools and practice
  • Utility Programming: data construction, data access and processing, data input, data operations
  • Model Development: object-orientation, interfaces
  • Boundary Conditions: class hierarchy, generic programming, class functions and data, design and implementation
  • Solver Development: coding equations, algorithms, sources
  • Data Analysis (Post-Processing): function objects, writing data

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Why Live Virtual Training?


  • Closest online experience to classroom and on-site training
  • Led by an instructor with recognised OpenFOAM expertise
  • Hands-on labs by remote desktop to virtual machine


  • Zero cost of travel and accommodation
  • Saves travel time: another cost of being off-site
  • Can be attended from quiet environment, e.g. home office

Remote machines were very effective

The setup with video conferencing and remote machines was very effective due to the high level of organization of the CFD Direct team.

D.P., Firenze, Brazil

Course is very well prepared

A very good course for understanding OpenFOAM. The instructor is very good at this and the course is very well prepared. The printed material is very helpful.

P.G., Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Greatly enhanced my understanding

The programming course greatly enhanced my understanding of OpenFOAM. The course materials were very carefully developed… I am now in a position to develop my own tailored OpenFOAM applications.

J.P., Caldera USA

Smooth and comprehensive management

The live virtual training was very well structured and I picked up a lot of excellent procedures. I was also very impressed by the smooth and comprehensive management of the training.

F.C., Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


Materials and tools

  • 100+ page, colour Course Manual (hard copy)
  • Hands-on learning using cloud CFD
  • Requires desktop/laptop and internet connection

Technical requirements


  • Courses are scheduled to accommodate multiple time zones
  • Attendance is not restricted by participant’s location
  • E.g. a course on Asian time can be attended from Finland