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OpenFOAM Training, Virtual, Asia-Pacific

Course Session Timings
  • 12h00-13h30 AWT; 13h00-14h30 JT; 14h00-15h30 AET
  • First Break (15 mins)
  • 13h45-15h15 AWT; 14h45-16h15 JT; 15h45-17h15 AET
  • Second Break (15 mins)
  • 15h30-17h00 AWT; 16h30-18h00 JT; 17h30-20h00 AET
  1. AWT = Australia West (Perth) Time
  2. JT = Japanese (Tokyo) Time
  3. AET = Australian East (Sydney) Time
OpenFOAM Training, Virtual, Europe

For terms of the booking, see OpenFOAM Training Terms and Conditions.

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Date Course Instructor Price Select Courses
15 May - 17 May 2018 Programming CFD
Chris Greenshields USD 1,500
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