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Sign up to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Create an account with AWS.  We recommend reading through the overview of Getting Started with AWS.  The account registration requires a credit card whether the free tier is used or not.

  • Select Create a Free Account.  Enter your email address and login as a new user.
  • Enter your contact details and credit card payment information.
  • Click Call Me Now to receive an automated telephone call to a telephone number provided.
  • Enter the PIN shown on screen during the call to verify your identity.
  • Proceed to support plan and select Basic (Free).

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Login and setup of key pairs

  • Login to the Amazon EC2 console.
  • Ensure the region is suitable for (i.e. near to) you, see drop-down menu, top right of the panel.
  • From the navigation panel (left) under Network and Security, click Key Pairs.
  • Click Create Key Pair, enter a name (suggestion: ec2) and click Create.
  • Save the private key file ec2.pem which is downloaded by your browser.  Keep the file in a safe location.
  • For Linux and Mac OS X users, a recommended location to save the file is a .ssh directory in your home directory.  You must also set the permissions on the file so that only you can read it; to do this for an ec2.pem file in a .ssh directory, type the following in a terminal:
    chmod 400 ~/.ssh/ec2.pem
  • Further information: Creating Your Key Pair Using Amazon EC2.

EC2 Region

Problem with the instructions?  Please send a CFDDFC Support Query.

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