AWS Setup and Configuration

  1. Setup and Configuration
  2. User Setup
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Information before Launching an Instance
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To use CFD Direct From the Cloud on AWS, the user must first:

  1. create an account on AWS;
  2. subscribe to the CFD Direct From the Cloud product in the AWS marketplace.

Registration and subscription can take as little as 10 minutes and incurs no costs until the user begins to use the service.

Sign up to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Create an account with AWS.  We recommend reading through the overview of Getting Started with AWS.  The account registration requires a credit card whether the free tier is used or not.

  • Select Create a Free Account.  Enter your email address and login as a new user.
  • Enter your contact details and credit card payment information.
  • Click Call Me Now to receive an automated telephone call to a telephone number provided.
  • Enter the PIN shown on screen during the call to verify your identity.
  • Proceed to support plan and select Basic (Free).

Subscribe to CFD Direct From the Cloud  AWS Marketplace

(Optional) Subscribe to CFDDFC (Arm)  AWS Marketplace

  • Go to CFD Direct From the Cloud (Arm) only if you plan to launch Arm-based instances such as C6g.
  • Select Continue to Subscribe or click here.
  • Select Accept Terms to complete subscription.
  • Note: there is no charge to subscribe.

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