Running CFDDFC with the Azure Console

  1. Launch a Virtual Machine
  2. Connect to a Virtual Machine
  3. Connect with the Remote Desktop
Azure Setup | Launch in the Console ]

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Azure Marketplace  Azure Marketplace

Basic Settings

  • Enter a machine Name, e.g. cfddfc
  • Choose a VM disk type: either is solid state (SSD) or magnetic (HDD), which limits the choice of virtual machines (VMs) available to the user, e.g. some are SSD only such as the F series.
  • Choose a login User name, e.g. john
  • Choose Authentication type: either authenticate using an SSH public key, pasting the key in text box below; or (simpler, less secure) select and provide a Password.
  • Use the Free Trial Subscription.
  • Create a Resource group, e.g. cfddfc.
  • Choose a Location, noting the availability of Virtual Machine sizes in different regions.
  • Click OK.

Choose a Size

  • Available VM sizes will appear in the panel with price estimates; select all to view all VMs.
  • The user can consult Azure Virtual Machine Pricing.
  • Select a VM, e.g. for testing, if we use HDD in Europe West, we could select a single core A series size.
  • Click Select.


  • Settings can be made to Storage, Networking, Extensions, Availability and Monitoring.
  • Click OK to accept the default settings, which will work.


  • View the Summary and click OK.


  • View the Purchase Offer.
  • Click OK if you wish to accept the offer.

Further information

See Create a Linux VM on Azure using Portal.

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