Our CFD Support includes support for the use, installation and configuration of the OpenFOAM software and help with all components of CFD practice in OpenFOAM.

Software Support

We provide assistance in the general use of the software that includes the following.

  • Installation and compilation of OpenFOAM.
  • Bug fixing: supply of software patches to remedy failures in functional tests of the software.
  • Software updates: supply of new releases of the software.
  • System support: e.g. advice on execution of applications, creation of batch queuing scripts.

CFD Support

We provide assistance across all components of CFD.  We wrote a lot of underlying code, so have unique insight into how to use it.

  • Fluid dynamics: writing a problem statement, selecting solvers, initialising fields and boundary conditions, setting case controls.
  • Physical modelling: selecting physical models, including turbulence, transport, multi-phase, rotating geometry, heat transfer, combustion; explaining the models in OpenFOAM.
  • Meshing: handling CAD geometry, using snappyHexMesh, including mesh refinement, baffle handling, feature capturing, multi-region meshing, sliding interface; converting meshes from one format to another, assessing mesh quality.
  • Numerics: selecting matrix solvers, running transient simulations, setting algorithm controls and discretization schemes,  stabilizing solutions, improving convergence, explaining the numerical methods in OpenFOAM.
  • Data analysis (post-processing): advice on visualization (and its automation), data formats and conversion, plotting graphs, monitoring residuals, setting objective quantities for the simulation, animations, supplementary simulations, case control, setting up parametric studies.
  • Computers and programming: using Linux, explaining the software structure, setting up optimal parallelized simulations, code customisation, e.g. creating a new boundary condition, customized I/O, etc.

Code Customization

Smaller development projects and customisations involve adding a small new function or feature, e.g. new boundary condition.  These developments are generally needed quickly to enable smooth progression and timely delivery of a CFD project.  We therefore provide small developments and code customization as part of our CFD support.  Unlike large development projects, technical specifications are not required at the time support is purchased; instead the technical details of each development are produced when the support is needed.

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… including general software support, CFD support and code customization.

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