CFD Direct was was launched in March 2015 by Henry Weller (creator, architect and co-founder of OpenFOAM), Chris Greenshields (co-founder of OpenFOAM), and Jenya Collings, following their departure from OpenCFD in 2014.  We previously reported our principal activities during our first year to the end of March 2016.  We summarise below our principal activities for our second year ending March 2017; in March, Will Bainbridge, an experienced OpenFOAM developer, joined the team at CFD Direct.

Contribution to OpenFOAM

We undertook almost 1200 man-hours of new developments, of which approximately 50% was funded by customer projects, leaving 600 hours unfunded. We undertook 825 man-hours of maintenance work, of which 415 unfunded hours was spent resolving issues on the tracking system, and 317 unfunded hours was spent on other activities for the OpenFOAM Foundation, such as maintenance of its websites. In total, CFD Direct contributed over 1300 man-hours of (unfunded) work in-kind to OpenFOAM, to the benefit of its users.  Our hours of work on OpenFOAM are summarised below.






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CFD Direct Year 2: 2016-2017
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