Courses Delivered

In Year 2, CFD Direct delivered 55 days of OpenFOAM Training with its 3 × 2 day courses, Essential CFD, Applied CFD and Programming CFD .  Training was delivered as:

Programming CFD

In Year 2 we launched our Programming CFD course.  The course includes a set of modules covering topics in  C++ programming, starting with a basic first program, before extending into popular programming tasks in OpenFOAM, e.g. developing applications, models, boundary conditions and customized post-processing.  The course is mainly delivered as live Virtual Training (see below), but also as a scheduled class in London and on-site.  It is very popular and effective, judging by the Programming CFD testimonials from participants.

Live Virtual Training

In Year 2, we ran our first live virtual training course and subsequently delivered a total of 9 virtual classes.  Despite not being face-to-face, live virtual training is remarkably effective according to the participants, see our Virtual Training testimonials.  It brings participants together from a wide geographical area, e.g. at Virtual Training, Europe, October 2016, participants attended from UK, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA (see figure, right).  Following its success in Europe and Americas time zones, we announced our first virtual training course on Asia-Pacific time zone in May 2017.

OpenFOAM v4 Training

With our OpenFOAM Training is to we aim to build competence in CFD with OpenFOAM, giving participants the confidence to carry out CFD analysis to a defined standard, repeatedly.  Where OpenFOAM is difficult to use or does not meet reasonable expectations, we make changes to the software to make it easy to use.  We then train participants simpler, effective procedures rather than contrived workarounds to handle peculiarities of the software.  In OpenFOAM version 4 we added the following features to OpenFOAM, which we train in our revised and updated courses, Essential CFD, Applied CFD and Programming CFD.

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CFD Direct Year 2: Training
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