Henry Weller created OpenFOAM (formerly “FOAM”) in 1989. He has been its Architect and Principal Developer from then to the present day.


  • CFD Direct Ltd, Co-founder, Technical Director, March 2015 – Present.
  • The OpenFOAM Foundation, Co-founder, Director, August 2011 – Present.
  • OpenCFD Ltd, Co-founder, Technical Director, November 2004 – September 2014.

OpenFOAM Architecture Highlights

OpenFOAM Numerics Highlights

  • Numerical schemes: mapping of NVD/TVD to unstructured meshes, V-limiters, filtered limited schemes, LUST.
  • Pressure-velocity coupling: PIMPLE algorithm, ddtCorr, mesh motion handling.
  • Reconstruction of cell-centre velocities from face fluxes for complex physics and multiphase solvers.
  • Matrix solvers: GAMG solver, DIC smoothing, GAMG pre-conditioning, combined DIC/Gauss-Seidel.
  • MULES algorithm to guarantee boundedness of conservative transport with higher-order schemes.
  • Developed efficient and generalised Lagrangian tracking on arbitrary shaped meshes.

OpenFOAM Modelling Highlights

  • VOF interface compression modelling using counter-gradient transport.
  • Euler-Euler multiphase flow development for best consistency, boundedness, coupling, conservation, etc.
  • Combustion modelling, including LES variants.
  • Architecture and implementation of single turbulence modelling framework to handle incompressible/compressible and single-/multi-phase flows.
  • Using magnetic pressure in MHD.