On 25th March 2015, CFD Direct was launched. The company was founded by Henry Weller (creator, architect and co-founder of OpenFOAM), Chris Greenshields (co-founder of OpenFOAM), and Jenya Collings, following their departure from OpenCFD in 2014. At the end of our first year, March 2016, we summarise our principal activities.


  • During year 1 we made over 900 code commits to the to the public development line of OpenFOAM (OpenFOAM-dev), making us by far the largest contributor of code to OpenFOAM.
  • In 2015, we produced one major (3.0.0), one minor (3.0.1) and one patch release (2.4.0) of OpenFOAM.
  • With help of other contributors, particularly blueCAPE, we carried out maintenance on OpenFOAM, reducing the number of outstanding issues by approximately 35%, involving over 500 commits to the bug fix line of OpenFOAM 3.0 (OpenFOAM-3.0.x).
  • We managed the OpenFOAM Foundation, the organisation that owns OpenFOAM and ensures it is distributed free and open source only.
  • We established a free OpenFOAM documentation resource on our website, writing and maintaining several articles.
  • Our posts on social media (primarily CFDdirect@Twitter) updated users about developments to OpenFOAM , which encouraged a strong community to support and contribute to OpenFOAM as free software.
  • While approximately 600 hours of development work was funded by customers wanting new features in the code base, we contributed almost 1300 hours of time, unpaid, to OpenFOAM and the Foundation.
  • For more information, see CFD Direct Year 1: OpenFOAM.



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CFD Direct Year 1: 2015-2016
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