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Install X2Go Client on Your Local Computer (one-time only)

Install the X2Go Client which provides remote desktop to access CFD Direct from the Cloud. X2Go is available for Linux, macOS MS Windows. X2Go Installation Instructions is the reference page for installation. More specifically, the installation instructions for different platforms are:

Start the X2Go Client Application

  • Launch the X2Go client software, e.g. from an application launcher or, for Linux, entering the following in a terminal
    x2goclient &

Configuring a New Session

  • From the Session menu, select New Session
  • In the Session panel (see image below), set the:
    • Session Name: your choice, e.g. OpenFOAM
    • Host IP address: the public IP address of the instance in the form XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    • Login user name: ubuntu
    • RSA/DSA Key: the key file used for SSH connection to the instance
    • Session Type: MATE
  • In the Media panel, uncheck sound and printing support — it is not necessary and can cause connection problems.
  • (Optional) In the Input/Output panel, customise the screen size suitable for your current monitor, e.g. Width 1920, Height 1200 for a large desktop monitor, Width 1280, Height 720 for a laptop.
  • Click OK to save the session settings.

X2Go OpenFOAM Session

Running the Session

  • Wait until the instance has fully launched in the AWS console before attempting to connect; it is sensible to wait until the Status Checks are complete.
  • From the Client window, click on the OpenFOAM session panel as shown below:

X2Go OpenFOAM Session Launcher

  • A window may appear confirming you wish to continue to connect to an unauthorized host.  Select Yes to continue.
  • The host desktop will appear as shown below.  Open a terminal from the menu MenuSystem ToolsMATE Terminal and start using OpenFOAM through the remote desktop.

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