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Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Amazon EC2 instances use Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) to provide persistent storage of data.  The storage can be configured while the user launches an instance at Step 4. Add Storage — which can be accessed from the Review Instance Launch window by clicking Edit Storage.  Once open and configured, Elastic Block Store information can be viewed in the user’s AWS console under Volumes.

EBS Types and Size

When the storage volume is configured, the user can choose the size and type of storage. Types of storage include solid-state disks (SSD) and magnetic hard disk drives (HDD) as described in the EBS product details. The General Purpose (SSD) and Magnetic volumes are both sufficient for CFD applications, but with the EBS Pricing for Magnetic volumes cheaper than for General Purpose volumes. Amazon Free Tier users qualify for up to 30 GB of EBS General Purpose (SSD) or Magnetic storage.

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