Autumn 2018

CFD Direct are running their OpenFOAM Training courses, Essential CFD, Applied CFD, Programming CFD and Cloud CFD fully updated with the latest features of OpenFOAM v6.  Courses are available:

Effective CFD by Design

We design our OpenFOAM Training so that users can learn effective CFD, giving them the confidence to carry out CFD analysis, repeatedly, to a defined standard in a timely mannerWe build competency by teaching how to create CFD solutions through a process of design:

  1. Prototype – building a representative solution, from a template, rapidly (timely manner).
  2. Production – refining the solution by an iterative design process, making small changes and testing frequently (confidence).
  3. Packaging – making the solution reliable, cost effective and easy to use again and again (repeatedly, defined standard).

OpenFOAM v6

CFD Direct manages, maintains and develops OpenFOAM.  Through the public release of the development version (OpenFOAM-dev), and the adoption of a sustainable development strategy, we have made OpenFOAM more robust and easier to use.  We have included numerous tools for productive CFD so that users waste less time on routine tasks.  Our training teaches these tools and is fully updated for latest features in v6:

  • Heat Transfer – simplified case setup with the foamSetupCHT utility and the singleFluidCHT template case.
  • Visualisation – updated sampling for graphs, extended seeding options for streamlines.
  • Case Management – foamInfo script to find information, and time and jobInfo function objects.
  • Case InitialisationfoamGet script to copy configuration files quickly, and foamDictionary to edit file entries.
  • Meshing – updated surfaceFeatures utility, general dynamic mesh capability.
  • General – improved AMI, multiphase, particles and other modelling.

See the OpenFOAM Training Schedule and Book

… for the Essential CFD, Applied CFD, Programming CFD and Cloud CFD courses.


OpenFOAM v6 Training
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