CFD Direct are running 2 pilot sessions of their new OpenFOAM Training courses at a discounted price at the following locations in June 2015:

The 2×2 day courses, Essential CFD and Applied CFD, have been developed to enable people to deliver successful CFD solutions with OpenFOAM. The new courses are a result of 6 months development built on our experience as the Architects of OpenFOAM and of training 2500 people with OpenFOAM.

Competence in CFD with OpenFOAM

The training teaches competence in CFD with OpenFOAM, giving participants the confidence to carry out CFD analysis to a defined standard, repeatedly.

  • Confidence = not freezing at the keyboard.
  • Repeatedly = delivering a good solution, and another…
  • Defined standard = understand what a good solution is and delivering solutions in a timely manner.

It addresses the challenges of CFD analysis through modular curriculum that builds competence across the core components of CFD: fluid dynamics; physical modelling; geometry and meshing; numerical methods; data analysis; and, computing. The training is flexible, but we don’t mistake “flexibility” for “training without structure that misses key competencies.”

Making OpenFOAM Easier to Use

We have tackled the problem of people getting to grips with OpenFOAM by making OpenFOAM easier to use rather than wasting time on unnecessary, complex explanations. CFD Direct is able to do this because it includes the architect/co-founders of OpenFOAM.

Learning CFD through Experience

The training involves learning through experience. We present participants with representative cases spanning a range of scientific disciplines and industries, e.g. external aerodynamics of a car, wind flow around buildings, static mixer, nozzle jet, cyclone, water channel, etc. CFD solutions are built in small, digestible steps with periods of reflection to reinforce new concepts. The process of small steps also reflects real CFD practice, in which trouble-free, complex simulations cannot usually be set up in “one go”.

Please see our OpenFOAM Training Schedule if you are interested in attending the training.

Henry Weller | Chris Greenshields | Jenya Collings


OpenFOAM Training Pilot Sessions June 2015
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