Autumn 2022 – Spring 2023

CFD Direct are running their OpenFOAM Training courses, Essential CFD, Applied CFD, and Programming CFD fully updated with the latest features of OpenFOAM v10. All courses are delivered as live virtual training to enable participants to learn effective CFD from the comfort of their workplace or home. The following courses are available:

OpenFOAM v10

CFD Direct manages, maintains and develops OpenFOAM.  We make OpenFOAM more robust and easier to use in incremental steps that are first released in the development version (OpenFOAM-dev). Those improvements subsequently appear in version releases, so that over time we have accumulated numerous tools for productive CFD so that users waste less time on routine tasks.  Our training teaches these tools and is fully updated for the latest improvements in v10, including:

  • non-conformal coupling (NCC), the conservative, bounded replacement for AMI and ACMI;
  • improvements to animation generation;
  • redesigned transport modelling with a consolidated physicalProperties file;
  • enhanced scalarTransport function object for simulating a tracer, e.g. for pollution dispersion;
  • pluggable particle modelling with the clouds fvModel.

Effective CFD by Design

We design our OpenFOAM Training so that users can learn effective CFD, giving them the confidence to carry out CFD analysis, repeatedly, to a defined standard in a timely mannerWe build competency by teaching how to create CFD solutions through a process of design:

  1. Prototype – building a representative solution, from a template, rapidly (timely manner).
  2. Production – refining the solution by an iterative design process, making small changes and testing frequently (confidence).
  3. Packaging – making the solution reliable, cost effective and easy to use again and again (repeatedly, defined standard).

See the OpenFOAM Training Schedule and Book

… for the Essential CFD, Applied CFD, and Programming CFD  courses.


OpenFOAM v10 Training
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