CFD Direct Year 4: 2018-2019

OpenFOAM Unresolved Issues 2011-2019

In Year 4 of CFD Direct, we developed new functionality in OpenFOAM and maintained critical components of the code base, reducing the number of unresolved issues by by 17%. We managed the OpenFOAM Foundation: promoting sustainable development, releasing OpenFOAM v6, packaging OpenFOAM-dev and publishing websites and documentation. We contributed 1383 man-hours of unfunded work in-kind to OpenFOAM, including organising and presenting at the OpenFOAM Open Day. We delivered 60 days of OpenFOAM Training, and provided low-cost cloud CFD with CFD Direct From the Cloud™, running 1.3 million core-hrs.

OpenFOAM Sustainability 2018

OpenFOAM Sustainability

OpenFOAM sustainability involves developing software that meets critical needs of users, through a balance of resources, technology, investment and institutional support. The critical needs are availability, usability, robustness and extensibility. The critical work required to meet those needs are publishing, repair and redesign. Employers rarely allocate time to individuals to contribute critical work, so it is generally left to “career maintainers” at CFD Direct. With limited funding, decisions about the critical work are made by those who fund and/or contribute the work, via The OpenFOAM Hub.

Productive CFD with OpenFOAM

Productive CFD with OpenFOAM

We design our OpenFOAM Training so that users can learn effective CFD, giving them the confidence to carry out CFD analysis, repeatedly, to a defined standard in a timely manner. We provide 4 courses that teach reliable procedures to configure, run and maintain CFD simulations. While creating and improving these courses, we have contributed tools to OpenFOAM for more productive CFD, so that users waste less time on routine tasks. They include the post-processing command line interface, template cases, and tools for case setup, monitoring simulations, quick documentation and code customisation.