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Programming CFD

CFD Direct announces the release of Programming CFD, their new OpenFOAM Training course.  The course has been created by Chris Greenshields (OpenFOAM co-founder) and Henry Weller (OpenFOAM creator/architect).  The course is 2 days duration and is initially available as Virtual Training in Europe and Americas time zones, with Chris Greenshields as instructor:

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Note: due to popular demand the course schedule has been extended in 2016 as follows

Competence in OpenFOAM Programming

The training involves learning through experience. We present participants with customization tasks, commonly needed across all a range of scientific disciplines and industries, including utility programming, model development, boundary condition, solver development and customized post-processing.  The course teaches coding to OpenFOAM’s quality standards and coding style, that were created by CFD Direct’s Henry Weller.  We use tools to encourage good practice and minimise errors.  Participants develop code in small, digestible steps with periods of reflection to introduce and reinforce new concepts.  This reflects real programming practice, where trouble-free, complex programs cannot usually be set up in “one go”. We build competence in programming with OpenFOAM, giving participants the confidence to develop code, repeatedly, to a defined standard.

  • Confidence = not freezing at the keyboard.
  • Repeatedly = developing a good program, and another…
  • Defined standard = understand what good programming is and delivering solutions in a timely manner.

The training includes a modular curriculum that builds competence across components of the OpenFOAM code: primitive code, utilities, model libraries, boundary condition code, solvers and post-processing. The training is flexible, but we don’t mistake “flexibility” for “training without structure that misses key competencies.”

Making Programming Easier

Our training includes developments of OpenFOAM introduced in v3.0 by Weller and Greenshields.  Features were added to make OpenFOAM easier to program, meaning our course participants spend less time struggling with code infrastructure, compiling, etc, leaving more time to develop code and learn programming concepts and standards.  Changes include:

OpenFOAM Programming Course
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