This booking page provides a limited number of places for participants to attend the OpenFOAM Training in Cologne remotely via the internet.

Participants connect with full audio and video to the Cologne classroom through a browser application and undertake exercises through a remote desktop application.  Both applications are compatible with Linux, Windows and macOS.  There is no restriction on the geographic location of remote participants, but please note the course runs from 09h00-17h00 Central European Time (CET), 10h00-18h00 UK Time (GMT).

To reserve a place for OpenFOAM Training, Virtual, Cologne, please complete all fields below, selecting the seats for each course and we will respond shortly to complete your booking. If the system does not respond when you click “Submit booking”, it is because you have not selected one or more courses from the drop-down menus.  If you encounter a problem with booking, please contact us.


OpenFOAM Training, Virtual, Cologne

Course Session Timings
  • 09h00-10h30 CET Time
  • Morning Break (15 mins)
  • 10h45-12h15 CET Time
  • Lunch (45 mins)
  • 13h00-15h15 CET Time
  • Afternoon Break (15 mins)
  • 15h30-17h00 CET Time

The current UK Time is

OpenFOAM Training, Virtual, Europe

For terms of the booking, see OpenFOAM Training Terms and Conditions.