Pricing and Booking

Please book from the schedule below, by selecting a link from the location (or “click to book”) column.  The prices listed in the schedule are for a single course, but the following discounted prices are available when booking multiple courses including Essential CFD.
When booking multiple courses, please note Practical CFD or Complete CFD under Additional Comments.

CurrencySingle CoursePractical CFD¹Complete CFD²

¹ Practical CFD = Essential CFD and Applied CFD courses.
² Complete CFD = Essential CFD, Applied CFD and Programming CFD courses.

See OpenFOAM Training Terms and Conditions for further details.

OpenFOAM Training Germany

Date Course Location Price Click to Book
16 Sep - 19 Sep 2024 OpenFOAM Training: Principles of CFD Cologne, Germany EUR 2,600 Booking Open
23 Sep - 25 Sep 2024 OpenFOAM Training: Essential CFD Virtual, Europe EUR 1,450 Nearly Full
25 Sep - 27 Sep 2024 OpenFOAM Training: Applied CFD Virtual, Europe EUR 1,450 Full
14 Oct - 16 Oct 2024 OpenFOAM Training: Programming CFD Virtual, Europe EUR 1,450 Nearly Full
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