CFD Direct From the Cloud™ (CFDDFC) is our established platform for running OpenFOAM, ParaView and supporting software using cloud computing.  We are pleased to announce the release of our command line interface (CLI) for quick, simple deployment of CFD workloads with CFDDFC on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2).

Quick to Set Up

The CLI is a simple shell script named cfddfc that users can be ready to run with the following short steps.

  1. Create an account on AWS (this can be done by an authorised budget holder).
  2. Login to the AWS account and create access credentials with permissions to launch EC2 instances using the Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  3. Install the AWS CLI and configure using the access credentials (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) on the user’s computer.
  4. Install the CFDDFC CLI on the user’s computer.

Easy to Use

The user can then run the cfddfc script in a terminal which includes the following subcommands:

Promotes Low Cost CFD

The “cfddfc launch” command launches EC2 Spot Instances by default, to provide low cost of running CFD in the cloud.  During launch, the user is presented with a cost estimate based on average spot price from the previous 3 days.  It takes approximately 2 minutes for an instance to be fully running, when the user can transfer OpenFOAM case files to the instance.  The user is provided an estimate of the cost of data transfer to help manage their budget and encourage less wasteful use of bandwidth and storage.

Running Simulations

Once transferred, the CFD workload can be run by running commands directly with the run command or by logging into the remote machine via the terminal (login) or remote desktop (desktop).  Results can then be transferred back to the local machine, and once the simulation is complete, the instance can be terminated.

Getting Started

Go to CFDDFC on AWS: Command Line Interface (CLI) for instructions on getting started using the CFDDFC CLI.